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alabama customer testimonials

Mike Reid | Birmingham, AL ( Lifeguard Ambulance Service )

"Lifeguard Ambulance has used DXE Medical for many years without issue. During the many years we have been with them, DXE has always been extremely competitive with their pricing and quotes. DXE also refurbishes and sells AEDs, ventilators, IV pumps, and more. Through their 2nd Life Warranty and Maintenance Program, they are able to provide on-site services annually and semi-annually for routine maintenance of the biomed equipment.

DXE Medical has always provided Lifeguard with outstanding and ongoing customer service. If/when we encountered a problem with one of their devices, they have always provided a loaner device via overnight shipping to be used until the original was repaired and returned. DXE Medical has their own in-house, factory-certified, biomed staff who perform the refurbishments on all equipment. This department also handles routine and other maintenance.

Additionally, we have found the owner of DXE Medical, Matt Spencer, to be readily available and willing to assist."


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