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When you purchase an AED, or accessories such as pads or batteries, from, you get more than just the product you ordered. We will send you a complimentary email reminder 60 days before your pads and batteries expire, and follow up by calling you to make sure your AED is ready to be used to assist in saving a life.

While we recommend full program management to GUARANTEE that you are compliant, this complimentary service is another way of showing that we care about our customers and want to stress the importance of having current defibrillator pads and batteries installed in your device.

The number one reason for AED failure in attempted rescues where AEDs are located is…expired pads and/or batteries. There are countless stories about how a victim suffers a cardiac arrest, the AED is retrieved and found to have dead batteries. It is a shame to think “what if”, so we provide this FREE service as a benefit to our customers.

Simply purchasing an AED is only the first step in helping save lives. Like any electronic device, AEDs require maintenance. It is very minimal, but the infrequency of action required makes it even more difficult to remember to check your device. Let us help by telling you about our AED Program Management (make clickable). Even if you choose guaranteed compliance through our management program, you will still receive our complimentary email reminders.

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