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EnPro 5 Year

EnPro’s PRO Series provides the customer with the following for FIVE YEARS:

  • A Medical Rx- A physician’s prescription is a requirement for the placement of AEDs.
  • A full five years of Medical Oversight and Direction for your organization.
  • Development and design of policies and procedures essential to the AED Program Management.
  • Design of specific response plans that are unique to your facility.
  • In-depth assessment of your site for optimal AED placement.
  • Introduction and registration to the PlusTrac AED Management software.
  • Live support 24/7!
  • Post-event data download and support. This includes a loaner AED.
  • EMS, 911 registration and notification, as well as filing.
  • Management of state and local regulations and legislation.

Five Year Program: $399

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