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Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. HeartShield Certified is strongly focused on advancing the rescue process facilities where Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs. Our goal is to work in conjunction with your facility in formulating rescue plans to effectively decrease the number of cardiac arrest deaths.

Preparation is key!


In response to many of our customers wanting to link their website directly to their HeartShield Rescue Plan, we are now offering the HeartShield Badge. The HeartShield Badge is a logo with a clickable link that can be added to your website. It allows you to show that your facility is heart safe, and links your website directly to your rescue plan if sudden cardiac arrest were to take place. Your customers, employees, and anyone who could potentially enter your facility will be able access vital information including the number of AEDs implemented, the AED(s) make and model, the specific location of the AED(s), the names of the facility's trained responders, and rescue plan.

This is a free service available through and designed to increase the survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest victims by streamlining the rescue process.

The HeartShield Badge is easy to implement on your website. If you believe you are qualified, please fill out the HeartShield form and you will be taken to the download page where you can find the images and code.

Terms of Use

We thank you for your efforts in making your facility a safer place. Listed below are the Terms of Use for the HeartShield Badge. By proceeding, you are agreeing to abide by these terms.
•  You may use the HeartShield Badge after completing the (3) outlined steps and receiving permission from

•  You agree that the HeartShield Badge must contain a link to your personalized HeartShield Rescue Plan at

•  You agree to notify when the AED has been used in Sudden Cardiac Arrest event.

•  You are not authorized to use the HeartShield Badge with the consent of

To obtain the HTML code to embed in your website, please send an email request to

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