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Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. International Division is not only an industry leader in the United States for superior new and Re-certified medical equipment but our service has spread across the globe to more than 40 countries. International provides quality service and products to consumers across the globe. is not bound by domestic borders; this is thanks to our partnership with FedEx and other couriers. This synergy and flexibility has enabled us to export our products in a timely and efficient matter wherever you need them. We have been navigating the labyrinth of international logistics for the past 13 years and have succeeded in making sure every customer—including those all the way from Dubai to across the world in New Zealand--receives the equipment they need on time every time they place an order. We have customers on every continent except Antarctica--and with some effort we expect to be there soon!

The majority of our international customers are interested in our large inventory of Re-certified defibrillators and AEDs. International customers still receive our multi-year warranty on Re-Certified products as well which creates a trusting relationship to help continue to grow our international brand.

Please contact our team of international specialists today for more information on the multiple products we can offer to you. We have you covered--whether it is in Timbuktu or Turkey.

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Donovan Sievers


International Sales Division
(P) 855-233-0266 ext. 233
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