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Liability Insurance

Before you buy an AED, make sure the seller carries liability
coverage. This adequate coverage is not cheap, but we feel it is
a necessary protection to ensure company longevity. We sell life-saving
medical equipment and we take it seriously. Feel free to ask for a copy
of our policy and we’ll be happy to provide it.

Every year since 1999, we have paid general liability insurance premiums. While this expense has grown substantially with the size of our company, we feel it is absolutely necessary to have in the medical equipment industry. We are not selling cars or apparel. Our products provide life-saving therapy in the form of defibrillation.  Quite simply, what we do is of great importance, and we take it seriously. 

The recertified devices we sell and service are all tested by fully-trained biomedical technicians and biomedical engineers.  Other companies may only see if a device passes a self-check, while we put it through the paces, calibrating all parameters and making sure that the defibrillator’s joule output is within factory specifications.  

Along with liability insurance, we also provide warranty for all of our units, both new and recertified.  New units carry the manufacturer’s warranty, which can range from one to multiple years.  Recertified units carry a 3-year warranty through  With this warranty protection, you will never be without your device.  Our Loaner Program is a value added benefit that allows for you to have a loaner while your device may be in for service or repair, and our depth of inventory ensures that you will have your loaner overnight, if required.

EMS, private and public facilities, and physicians seem to be ripe targets for litigation these days. Customers in these industries that are prepared to provide care to a person in need, also need to be prepared to be a target. We rigorously tests all equipment sold, meticulously document test results and carry full liability insurance. 

Before choosing your equipment supplier or biomedical service provider, make certain that they have an adequate liability insurance policy.

If they do not, this should tell you all you need to know about their ability and willingness to stand behind the products they sell. Feel free to ask for a copy of our policy. Questions to ask when looking to purchase medical equipment:

1. Are you a “factory-authorized” reseller of this product? Is a factory representative willing to vouch for you? 

2. Do you have an adequate and current general and product liability insurance policy? 

3. Do you have the product in stock?

4. Can you send me a picture of the exact device I will receive?

5. Do you have a loaner program if my device needs service?

6. Do you have the inventory to support the timely provision of a loaner device?

7. What are your testing procedures and what documentation can you provide as proof?

8. Do you have customers in my area that I can call as a reference?

9. Do you stock accessories for this product?

10. How long have you been in business?  *Start-ups are great. After all, we were once one of them! However, our industry can be filled with Johnny-Come-Lately’s and charlatans that are only looking to make a quick buck.

These are just some of the questions you can ask during your search for the right medical equipment provider. We have the right answers! Please put us to the test and give us the opportunity to serve you.

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