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LifePak CR Plus Training System

The LifePak CR Plus Training System Includes:

Remote control
Remote control cable
Yellow plastic shock key cover
Quick reference card
QUIK-PAK™ training electrodes
2 AAA alkaline batteries (for remote control)
4 D-cell alkaline batteries (for Trainer)
Operating instructions
Lid labels (international trainers only)
Soft case with identification card

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The LifePak CR Plus Training System realistically simulates the operations of a LifePak CR Plus AED with voice prompts, audible alerts, and readiness display features. The AED Trainer guides the user through simulated heart rhythm analysis, simulated shock prompts and therapy delivery, and CPR instruction.

The wireless remote control allows the instructor to simulate numerous AED functions including pad applications, shock prompts, battery replacement prompts, service situations, patient movement prompts, maintenance prompts, volume control and a pause button.  The pause button is great for instructors to comment step by step on the training rescue.

The LifePak CR Plus Trainer comes optional operating settings to offer a variety of setup configurations. 

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Manufacturer SKU#11250-000073

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