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Designed to give peace of mind to our customers.'s exclusive Loaner Program ensures that you are never without
your essential equipment. As one of the only stocking dealers in the country, Partners can support a Loaner Program where others cannot

Our Loaner Program is one more link in the partnership chain we have with each of our customers. This value-added program requires only a phone call, and is available to anyone who sends in their device for service or calibration. If your unit has a problem, or is not passing self tests, you may send it in to our trained Biomedical Technicians, and in the meantime have the use of a loaner (overnight, if necessary - shipping charges apply). For more information on our Preventative Maintenance and Service contracts, please click here.

When you rely on your equipment for your business to run, being without it is not an option. However, all things break, and things with many different components break more often. There is an even more pressing reason to have your equipment backed up when the equipment is a necessity in the life-saving process. Ideally, every EMS service, Fire Department, Hospital, Clinic, School and countless other locations would have at least one back up device for every defibrillator, AED deployed. In reality, however, this is simply not possible. Everyone is on a budget, and a loaner pool rarely makes the cut.

This is what makes purchasing your equipment from so important. Need to send your unit(s) in for PM (preventive maintenance)? We’ve got you covered. One of your units requires service and you can’t afford to be without it? We will overnight you a device, until your unit is repaired and returned to you. (Shipping charges apply)

This type of dedication to our customers represents the partnership we value in our relationships. Our goal is not to sell you a piece of equipment, cash your check and never interact with you again. We want to be working with you in ten, twenty or fifty years into the future. 

Here are a few facts and details regarding’s Loaner Program:

•  With an inventory of over 1000 devices, we are able to overnight you a replacement unit whenever necessary. 
•  We have dedicated loaner units that are tested and ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.
•’s Loaner Policy has been put to the test. We have over 19,000 customers that enjoy the program today. 
•  We are proud of our company and the products we sell. The Loaner Program is designed to give peace of mind to our customers. The last thing we
    want is for you to have issues with a device you purchased from us. It inconveniences the customer and reflects poorly on our company. Therefore, we hope you
    never have to rely on it…but you know it is there when you do.

Devices available for loaners:

•  Zoll AED Plus
•  Philips FRx
•  Philips Onsite
•  Defibtech Lifeline

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