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Modern Metal Semi-Recessed AED Wall Cabinet (Large)

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The Modern Metal AED wall cabinet is perfect for storing and maintaining the location of your AED.  The Semi-Recessed AED Wall Cabinet Dimensions are:

Inside Wall Cabinet
14"H x 14"W x 7"D

Wall Dimensions
17-1/2"H 17-1/2"W 3-1/8"D

Rough Wall Opening
15"H x 15"W x 4"D

Modern Metal Cabinet Features:
•  Allows others, especially in a densely populated area, to know that there is an emergency presently happening.
•  Choice of Surface mount, Semi-recessed or Recessed models.
•  MMP cabinets can be ordered to be fire rated.
•  Cabinets can be ordered without alarm, or you can add a strobe with the alarm.
•  All MMP alarmed AED cabinets feature the most versatile AED alarm in the industry.

Additional Information

ManufacturerModern Metal
Manufacturer SKU#180SR3-1
AED.COM Part#180SR3-1
Alternate Part NumbersNo
Shipping InformationN/A

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