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Philips strives to simplify the delivery of healthcare by making the process easier for people providing and receiving the care. By listening to feedback and analyzing clinical data, Philips aims to provide better care at lower costs. 

Philips offers equipment of the highest quality in oncology, imaging, cardiology and women’s health. As the market leader in AED devices, Philips provides device options for the public and the trained responder in the form of the Philips Onsite AED, the Philips FRx AED and the Philips FR3. 

Philips Healthcare’s rich history started in 1895 with its acquisition of CHF Muller of Hamburg, which manufactured the first commercial X-Ray Tube. In 1918, Philips introduced the first medical X-Ray tube and began selling them in the U.S. and Europe in 1933. 

More recently, Philips has been very aggressive in their acquisitions, expanding into multiple fields to be involved in most aspects of the healthcare chain. Philips is a multi-national company that manufactures and sells countless consumer products in addition to the medical business. By 2007, Philips’ healthcare products comprised 24% of the company’s total revenue. 

By providing AEDs (Onsite, FRx and FR3) and mulit-parameter manual defibrillators (Philips MRx), Philips operates in both pre-hospital (public access and EMS) and hospital settings. provides all Philips AEDs and AED accessories. So whether you are looking for Philips Onsite pads, batteries for your Philips FRx or a finger sensor for your MRx, has you covered.  

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