Prestan Ultralite Adult Manikins, 4-Pack

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This 4-Pack of Prestan Ultralite Manikins offer efficient training on the go. This durable set of manikins is vinyl and latex free, yet features the realism and quality you expect from the Prestan brand.

  • Stackable torsos and heads generat a compact package for transporting multiple units.
  • Realistic skin resists dirt, grime and grease.
  • Adequate upper chest sizing facilitates AED pad placement and training.
  • Head-tilt illustrates how to open airways and allows each student to observe a true chest rise when proper lift technique is used.
  • Easy to clean.
Condition New
Manufacturer Prestan
  • 4 Adult Manikins
  • 50 Adult Lung Bags
  • 4 Manikin Compression Pistons
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Nylon Carrying Case with Detachable Shoulder Strap