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Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Preventative Maintenance and Cardio Partners Service can provide you and your company with the peace of mind that your equipment will be ready to save a life. offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance (PM) services to help ensure your medical equipment needs are being met to the highest degree. 

Having your equipment checked on a regular schedule can help avoid costly future repairs. Preventative Maintenance can also help to greatly extend the life of your equipment. Cardio Partners Service can analyze your equipment and run diagnostics on it to ensure it is operating effectively and within manufacturer set parameters and keep you compliant with state regulations.

Each state, along with the manufacturer of your medical device has guidelines on how often you need to have your medical equipment checked to remain in compliance. Failure to maintain your equipment in regulation with state and manufacturer standards could result in liability issues for you and your company. To prevent lawsuits being brought against you and your company, you must have your equipment serviced regularly.

If you prefer to ship your equipment to us for Preventative Maintenance, we will provide you a loaner unit until your PM is completed and your unit returned. This is to ensure you are never without critical medical devices when you need them the most. Cardio Partners service is one of the only companies that have the ability to provide this service to you. We can provide you and your company with the peace of mind that your equipment will be ready to save a life.


Information Regarding Preventative Maintenance

PM Info

The FDA dictates: “Conduct Preventative Maintenance of all external defibrillators according to the manufacturer’s protocol
and regulatory requirements and your facility’s best practice.” (Read More)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses the Medical Device Reporting System to track defibrillator errors or malfunctions. From this data gathered, the majority of cases, and adverse incidents were related to improper defibrillator maintenance and use. The agency noted that equipment failures were preventable.

AED’s and Defibrillators must be ready to go in a moment’s notice, making Preventative Maintenance even more crucial for these types of devices. Since defibrillators may rarely be used in some industries, maintenance can be easily overlooked. In order for your equipment to be in compliance it is necessary that you keep up with the maintenance of your machines. Liability issues can become an issue if you fail to keep up your equipment. You must maintain your equipment to avoid lawsuits against your company and staff.


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