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Program Maintenance

Your AED Program Is Set Up and Complete: Now What?

The most important part of your AED Program is the system of controls that monitors the status and readiness of your equipment and the policies you have put in place. PlusTrac is EnPro’s comprehensive software solution to managing your program…on your terms. PlusTrac was designed solely for the management of AED Programs and has several distinct features to help the user maintain compliance.

This web-based software allows the user to:

  • Track electrode and battery expiration dates of their AEDs, and set reminders to replace.
  • Track volunteer responder AED/CPR certification expirations, and set reminders to schedule training.
  • Monitor the readiness of the AED by scheduling monthly, visual inspections of the AED and confirming that it is indeed ready for use.

This program is available anywhere you have an internet connection and can be used on your smartphone. You can even take a picture of the device to show it is ready to use, uploading it to the program! This hierarchy of AED Program Management provides you a complete solution to ensure you are compliant and accountable. You’ve taken the appropriate steps to protect your family, employees and visitors…now let EnPro do the rest.

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