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We have all heard how much less expensive it is to keep an existing customer than to get a new customer. That expense is only one benefit that recognizes when thinking about better ways to serve our customer base of over 20,000 individuals and organizations. Our goal is to be your favorite vendor. We want your partnership, not your money. A good partnership always produces value for both sides.

Our model at is to be deeply involved with your AED program and its maintenance. From replacing your accessories, to giving you complimentary, continuing AED training, we are here to serve you. Please consider just a few of the benefits our repeat customers receive:

Free AED Training via webex as often as you like.
All sales people are Red Cross certified AED/CPR trainers to help you choose the right AED for your unique needs. 
5% discount on replacement accessory orders AND future AED orders.
Free loaner program.
• Manufacturer-supported assistance with periodic upgrades.
References in every state.
In-house biomedical engineers for service needs.
And many more…All we ask is an opportunity to earn your business. 

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