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RescueTrac - When Compliance Matters

Purchasing an AED is only the first step of your AED program.

What does being in compliance mean?
All major manufacturers require that you perform monthly checks of your AED. Certain states require you keep records of all monthly checks and disposable replacements in addition to registering your unit with local Fire and EMS, training personnel, and obtaining medical direction by a licensed physician. Please check your state AED and CPR requirements here.

Who will be in charge of maintaining your AED program?
Not all facilities that own an AED have a safety manager. Usually AED program maintenance gets assigned to someone who already has a full-time position and little additional bandwidth. AED programs in certain states require monthly inspection logs, pad and battery replacement logs, and notifications to various first-responder groups. Let us do it for you by enrolling in the RescueTrac that is right for you. We can send you pad and battery expiration reminders, send monthly inspection reminders, and notify the necessary local authorities.

What type of liability protection does your facility have in the event of a use?
In most states the user of an AED is protected by the “Good Samaritan Law”; however, this law does not protect the business or facility that owns the AED. With RescueTrac Premium, a complete record of your AED maintenance and inspections can be retrieved at any time to provide to OSHA or any authority. This program also provides both liability protection and an indemnification policy to back up our compliance guarantee with up to a $3M Professional Liability Policy.

Which RescueTrac option is right for you?
Without the FREE RescueTrac expiration notification reminding you to change your disposables, you may become the proud owner of a very expensive paper weight that is not capable of saving a life in the event of an emergency. No one wants the expense of repairs for not maintaining your unit or the possible fines associated with inaccurate record keeping. For the most substantial protection, choose RescueTrac Premium and receive immediate-response customer service, post-event assistance, agency registration, and our indemnification policy all accompanied by our compliance guarantee. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in an accident without full coverage insurance.


How important is AED Management? See what our loyal customers have to say:

"Abilene Christian University recently purchased 32 AEDs from AED .com. The AED Management program was very user friendly and it enabled ACU to implement a campus wide AED program that is well managed and updated regularly. The program keeps us current on inspections, maintenance and care of our AED's. From design to implementation and through maintenance Blaire has been there all the way to make sure everything went smoothly. Blaire and the staff of went above and beyond to make sure our program was perfect for our campus. We recommend this program to anyone looking to start an AED program on their campus."

Rickey Brown
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Abilene Christian University

"RescueTrac has allowed us to efficiently manage our Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) program which includes more than 100 AEDs in 60 separate facilities. The training management section of RescueTrac allows us to identify our responders' training status and work location. The monthly notifications alert us to schedule retraining to prevent a lapse in qualified responders. RescueTrac has allowed us to streamline and simplify the PAD program at our large campus. The RescueTrac program management system gives me the confidence that if we need to use our AEDs to render aid the equipment and our personnel will be ready."

Stephanie Schroeder, CSP
Environment, Safety & Health Staff, AMP-100
Federal Aviation Administration
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center

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