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DXE Medical Inc. | Newsletter - September 2012


Dixie Newsletter 
DXE Newsletter

Employee Spotlight: Jarrod Handley


Employee Spotlight: Jarrod Handley

Jarrod started with DXE Medical in 2006 as an administrative assistant. Before long, he showed potential as a salesperson and moved into a sales role. Matthew Spencer, DXE’s owner, says, “Jarrod gives a wonderful customer experience. It is not surprising that customers want to work with him over and over.”

This month, Jarrod surpassed $10 million dollars in sales at DXE. Our sales team has changed over the years, but Jarrod has been a consistent and reliable part of our success. “Jarrod’s patience, prompt response times and product knowledge all factor in to his immeasurable value to our company. I wish we could clone him,” says Spencer. Congratulations to Jarrod Handley for an achievement rarely seen in any sales position. His response to being recognized speaks volumes about his character and dedication: “I can’t wait to see how quickly I get the next $10 million.”

DXE Dogs

DXE Dogs
With New Sales Manager

DXE Medical, Inc. employees are passionate about several things: increasing awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, providing a wide range of quality products, setting the standard in customer service, and our 4-legged friends! One of the perks of being a DXE Medical employee is being able to bring your dog to work. On an average day in our office there are 4-5 dogs who keep us happy and productive. Meet our DXE dog family here! Facebook

DXE Sales Expertise:

DXE and’s Facebook Pages allow us to connect with our customers and talk about their thoughts and concerns, while delivering meaningful content. We have had an overwhelming response with the Facebook page and have grown it to over 4,000 fans in just 4 months.

The page not only shares interesting content about AEDs and CPR, but also gives fans a window to see inside the work environment of DXE and
Check us out! Facebook Page
DXE Facebook Page Facebook (Press Release)

Cardiac Science

Heartshield Project

Our current project through aims to advance facility rescue plans in order to create a guard against Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The goal is to effectively work with facilities with a 3-step process to help them drastically decrease the numbers of deaths from cardiac arrest.

The video, which can be seen here, shows how companies can become Heartshield certified and earn a badge for their website. Clicking on the badge will take a person to the company’s landing page which highlights their AED locations, CPR/AED certified employees, and a full rescue plan in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest.

To get certified, please visit the Heartshield Page here or send an email to


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