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AED and CPR Training Endorsed
by the AHA Make it Simple

Maintaining the training requirements for your AED program and CPR certification is difficult. Very few organizations have the luxury of a dedicated AED/CPR manager. The responsibility almost always falls to someone with many other duties and, inevitably, certifications lapse and the AED program can be neglected. Our programs are offered through the two premier organizations in the industry: The AHA (American Heart Association) and the ECSI (Emergency Care and Safety Institute). It is a national requirement to have volunteer responders trained in the administration of CPR and use of the AED.

BLS (Basic Life Support) For Health Providers:

(Duration: 4.5 hours)

Course covers adult, child and infant CPR, adult and child AED use, and clearing airway obstructions (including 1- and 2-rescuer situations and bag-mask techniques). (more info)

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Heartsaver CPR/AED AHA Classroom Course:

(Duration: 3-4 Hours)

Course covers CPR technique, AED use and choking relief for adults, children and infants (including uses of barrier devices). (more info)

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Heartsaver First Aid/CPR And AED Use:

(Duration: 5-7 Hours)

In addition to CPR and AED use, this course also covers First Aid and teaches individuals how to handle and treat injuries or illnesses initially until EMS personnel arrives. (more info)

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Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid (With Optional CPR/AED Use):

(Duration: 6-7 Hours)

This course teaches individuals how to properly treat and assess any injuries or illnesses in children, including optional CPR and AED use. (more Info)

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Heartsaver Blood Borne Pathogens Course:

(Duration: 2 Hours)

Course teaches students to understand bloodborne pathogens and prevent and contain their exposure. (more info)

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Becoming An AHA Instructor (Core Instructor Course):

(Duration: 12 hours Plus Monitoring)

This course satisfies one of the major requirements of becoming a certified AHA Instructor. (more info)

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Please call us with any questions you may have about our on-line AHA courses at 855-233-0266.

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