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This course teaches individuals how to properly treat and assess any injuries or illnesses in children, including optional CPR and AED use.

Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid is intended for anyone who interacts with children regularly and has credential requirements that need to be met. Individuals who may benefit from this course include teachers, coaches, camp counselors, child care and foster care workers, youth group leaders as well as any other individuals who are responsible for children. The course is taught in a classroom setting with an AHA instructor teaching through video and skills practice. All childcare requirements within the 50 states are met by this course.

Topics covered include the basics of first aid, how to handle medical, injury and environmental emergencies, as well as optional topics such as asthma care training for childcare providers, CPR and AED use for children and infants, as well as other various pediatric first aid topics (including fevers, bites, stings, suspected abuse and eye injuries). This course will help individuals gain an understanding on what to do when breathing problems occur in children, how to handle CPR and resuscitation breathing for children and infants, use of an AED on children and multiple first aid skills that may be needed when working with children.

Materials for the course include the Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid Student Workbook with Heartsaver® Student CD, as well as the optional Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid Quick Reference Guide.Following the lessons, skills practice and skills testing, students will receive an AHA Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Course Completion Card that remains valid for two years.

This course is available in Spanish.

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