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AED Training

Products designed to prepare everyday people to be heroes

From free online AED training & classroom CPR training, to AED trainers, Simulators and Manakins, we have what you need to stay prepared and fight the battle of cardiac arrest.

AED Training Products

From AED Trainers and simulators, to CPR manikins and training acceessories, we have everything you need to setup your AED
and CPR training.

Training Products

AED Training Courses

No matter the size of your organization or budget, and En-Pro have a solution for you. Put simply, you cannot afford to skimp on your AED program management.

Training Courses

AED Training Packages

Good Samaritan laws, which protect people and companies that choose to place AEDs from liability, have been passed in all 50 states. What most people don’t know is that these laws only apply if you can PROVE that you are compliant...

Training Packages

The En-Pro Guarantee

Only one AED program guarantees compliance with local, state and federal authorities: En-Pro. The entire process of achieving and maintaining compliance is managed by En-Pro's professional and experienced staff...

En-Pro Guarantee

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