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Zoll AED Plus 2010 Guidelines Upgrade

Zoll AED Plus 2010 AHA Guideline Upgrade Available!

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The 2010 AHA Upgrade is now available for the Zoll AED Plus. With this upgrade, the new Real CPR Help guides the rescuer to ensure that chest compressions reach a depth of at least two inches. All AED Plus units can be upgraded to the new AED Plus version (Software v6.24) no matter when you purchased your AED.

The 2010 AHA Upgrade Kit comes with the Zoll Administrative Software (which will need to be installed on your PC).  The upgrade kit also comes with two (2) faceplate stickers to cover up the icons no longer used in the rescue, which are giving breaths to the victim. The sticker placement is optional, but the Zoll AED Plus will skip these steps in the rescue process.

The Zoll Administrative Software (ZAS) can be used on an unlimited amount of AEDs, but only two stickers are supplied with each kit. To order more stickers, please call 855-233-0266. You will also need the cable to complete your upgrade. Click here to purchase the IrD adapter cable.

After upgrading your Zoll AED Plus, please make sure to register the upgrade with Zoll . This will ensure that you remain compliant and preserve your factory warranty. Zoll will also send you any device upgrade notifications in the future. *Zoll will never use your information for marketing purposes and this information is not shared with any other organization.

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