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Named after founderPaul M. Zoll, M.D., a pioneer in cardiac pacing and defibrillation, ZOLL Medical was built on a strong foundation of clinical care and innovation that has continued for three decades. A world leader in resuscitation and critical care technologies, ZOLL has steadilydeveloped and offered best-in-class,technically superior products to offer the world’s most integrated system of resuscitation solutions, as well as complementary products and services in data management and temperature management.

Solutions that Strengthen the Chain of Survival Advances in resuscitation are linked to providing rescuers with superior products that work together to improve outcomes. ZOLL has delivered many product innovations and “firsts” that have become standards of care:
External non-invasive pacing.
Multi-function electrodes.
Single-cablemonitoring, pacing, and defibrillation.
The only biphasic waveform reviewed by the FDA and allowed to have a claim of superiority tomonophasic*.
A full-rescue AED with CPR help and electronic code data for review and analysis.
ECG filtering to minimize CPR interruptions.
Electrode compatibility.
A revolutionary cardiac support pump that uses a unique load-distributing band.
A wearable defibrillator.
A miniature pumpfor fluid resuscitation.

Over the years ZOLL has continued to add capabilities, such as powerful and precise intravascular temperature management, and robust datamanagement and analysis software that delivers complete end-to-end resuscitation information. One of ZOLL’s latest innovations will bring together for the first time real-time clinical information to caregivers throughout the continuum of emergency care by integrating data from multiple sources.

ZOLL has an ever-expanding market presence in nearly all continents, delivering leading-edge resuscitation solutions for:
• Professionals
• Lay Rescuers
• Physicians managing high risk patients

Zoll recognizes the unique challenges faced by each of the markets we serve, and work with our customers to address their particular clinical and business needs. From their ability to capture performance data for quality assurance, to the ease of use provided by the universal operating system of our products, ZOLL offers a number of ways to help our customers reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and productivity, and manage assets more effectively.

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