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Resources for communities to help
save lives through AED Deployment
Training, and Medical-Oversight is your ONE-STOP source for information on AEDs. If you don't see an answer that you are looking for, please let us know and we'll add it to our site. If you are wondering about it, chances are you aren't alone. We have been selling AEDs for over 14 years, but we are always anxious to learn more in order to serve you: our customer.

  • State AED Legislation (each States AED laws)
  • American Heart Association (CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care)
  • American Red Cross (AED Program and Course Information)
  • American College of Emergency Physicians (Heartsafe Community Powerpoint Presentation on AEDs)
  • New England Journal of Medicine (Public Use of AEDs)
  • How to Use an AED (By National Center for Early Defibrillation)
  • American Heart Association guidelines overview (By American Heart Association-AHA 2005)
  • Cardiac Arrest and AEDs (By Occupational Safety and Health Administration-OSHA)

  • En-Pro Simplifies Legislation Monitoring

    Many states are rapidly moving to pass legislation that could affect the compliance of your AED program. Questions that you should ask yourself include the following:
    •  Do you know how to qualify for Good Samaritan protection in your state?
    •  Do you have an AED response plan in place that meets your state’s requirements?
    •  Do you have the proper medical direction or oversight needed to have an AED program?
    •  Has your AED program been approved by your local EMS agency?

    En-Pro monitors legislation issues so that your program maintains its compliance. Monitoring these issues and ensuring ongoing regulatory and legal compliance can be burdensome, so En-Pro’s Total Management Solution takes on this burden. Your Account Manager will personally research any federal, state, city and county laws that may affect the compliance of your AED program.

    En-Pro can inform you:
    •  How many people you may be required to have trained on site
    •  If you need to store your AED in an alarmed cabinet
    •  How many signs you may need to place in and around your facility and whether you should store your AED next to a telephone or not.

    After researching the legislation in your area, your account manager will submit any necessary notifications or applications on your behalf as required by your local law. Should you use your AED, we will ensure the event is reported to your overseeing physician and reviewed as well as submitted to any necessary EMS agencies in your area.

    As you finalize your plan, it is advisable to involve your corporate counsel or attorney as well as they should be kept apprised of the program to better prepare them should there be a cardiac arrest event.
    For more information on En-Pro AED Management, Click Here

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