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new and Recertified AED differences

What is the difference between New and Recertified AEDs?

Choosing an AED that is right for your business or application can be confusing. Rest assured that Cardio Partners is an authorized distributor of all major AED brands and whether you choose a new or recertified AED you are in good hands. We stand behind both our new and recertified AEDs and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. To help you better understand the differences between a new and a recertified AED read more below.


New AEDs have never been removed from the box and put into service. They include all new pads, batteries and a carrying case.

Recertified AEDs may have been traded in from customers or were demo units for sales representatives. At Cardio Partners, each recertified AED goes through a stringent 10-point inspection process before we offer it to customers. See the below image for details on our AED recertification process.

aed recertification process at cardio partners


New AEDS: New AEDs have a warranty that is determined by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Warranties for Popular AEDs:
Zoll AED Plus: 7 Years
Cardiac Science PowerHeart G3: 7 Years
Physio-Control LifePak CR Plus: 8 Years
Physio-Control LifePak CR2: 8 Years
Heartsine Samaritan PAD AEDs: 8 Years
Defibtech Lifeline: 5 Years
Philips HeartStart Onsite: 5 Years

Recertified AEDs: Recertified or refurbished AEDs from Cardio Partners come standard with a 3-year warranty.


Why would someone trade in their AED?

What happens during the recertification process?
Not all recertified AEDs are equal—unless they’re from Cardio Partners. Each recertified AED from Cardio Partners goes through a stringent 10-point process to ensure the AED not only looks brand-new, but also is tuned up and functions to industry standards. Cardio Partners uses in-house, manufacturer-trained biomed technicians for the entire recertification process.

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