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Philips OnSite Home AED Package

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Did you know that 70% of sudden cardiac arrests happen at home? Cardio Partners' Home AED package contains the items a family needs to help stay heart safe at home.
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This AED package contains a Phililps HeartStart Onsite AED, the only AED on the market that does not require a physician's prescription and is approved for home use. The OnSite AED is compact and includes a slim carrying case which makes it easy to store. The emergency response kit that comes in this home AED package conveniently clips onto the AED case so all your items are in one place.

This Home AED Package comes with
(1) New Philips OnSite AED
(1) Philips OnSite AED Battery 0582-0330
(1) Set Adult OnSite AED Pads 0582-0340
(1) Emergency Response Kit 0001-0001
(1) AED Check Tag AEDCT
(1) Slim AED Carrying Case

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU#PONSITE N HME
AED TypeSemi-Automatic
Shipping InformationThis item cannot be shipped to Canada.

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