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Are You Meeting

AED Ownership Requirements?

1 in 5 AEDs Don't Respond in an Emergency*. Will Yours?

Thousands of customers rely on us to manage their AED compliance thru our proprietary, easy to use tool – LifeShield. From Fortune 500 companies to universities to small businesses — we support our clients with an unmatched program offering peace of mind.

  • Monthly reminders for AED checks, inspection screens, and a single point of access to inspection documentation.

  • Online chat, phone, email and help desk support for all AED questions.

  • We provide the prescription for each AED you purchase, in accordance with the FDA.

  • Make your AED information available to EMS to help guide efforts in an emergency.

  • Know exactly when pads & batteries need replaced—as well as when training certifications expire.

  • In-house Medical Director approves all rescue protocols.

  • Access to local laws, state laws, and pending legislation.

Know the State of your Device

—Instantly & Continually

Put an end to your days of wondering if your AED is compliant. Our compliance program, LifeShield, includes a custom digital interface where you can track updates, inspections and training certifications with a few simple clicks. So you can save the time and energy it takes you to hunt down inspection logs and schedule recertification classes for your staff.

  • Instantly track AEDs by location
  • Quickly search your AED inventory by device serial number
  • Verify all compliance statuses at once
  • Authorize new coordinators on your team
  • Schedule recertification training
  • View all of your data in dashboard form
  • Track AED pad and battery expiration dates
  • Run and download reports into Excel
  • Track equipment inspections

Subscribe & Automate

Your Compliance Activities

Choose from 1-year, 3-years or 5 years of LifeShield AED Compliance Management. With the average lifespan of batteries being 4 years and the average pad life being 2 years, we recommend choosing a multi-year solution to ensure your devices are always ready to perform when the need arises.

Prefer to Order a

Compliance Package from a Manufacturer?

While many prefer to have all aspects of their emergency cardiac planning covered by us, others prefer to go with a manufacturer’s solution. If that’s your preference, you may order your preferred program through the links below:

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