Defibtech Lifeline View Portable AED Package

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Product Features
Semi Automatic
Visual Cues
Audio Cues
FAA Approved

An AED package for those on-the-go, Portable AED packages include a convenient backpack with a clear window to allow someone to easily bring it along and let others see where the AED is located. Ths portable AED package features the Defibtech Lifeline View AED which features full color graphics and a semi-automatic shock system, meaning the AED will instruct you when to hit the "shock" button to administer a shock to the victim.

AED Type Semi-Automatic
Compatible Batteries 7-Year Battery Pack 0710-0134, 4-Year Battery Pack 0710-0113, Aviation Battery Pack 0710-0034
Compatible Pads Adult Pads 0710-0139, Pediatric Pads 0710-0106
Condition New
Features Semi Automatic, Visual Cues, Audio Cues, FAA Approved
IP Rating IP55: Protected from limited dust ingress. Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.
Language English Only
Manufacturer Defibtech
Warranty 8 Year from Defibtech


  • 1 Defibtech Lifeline View AED
  • 1 Lifeline View Battery Pack: Has the capacity of 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous operating time.
  • 1 Set Adult Pads: For use on adult victims.
  • 1 Set Pediatric Pads: For use on children under 55 lbs.
  • 1 Carrying Case: Keeps AED safe from dust other elements
  • 1 AED Check Tag: Use to note battery and pad expirations and regular monthly checks.
  • 1 CPR Response Kit: Includes the necessary items to help prepare the patient and rescuer for CPR and the use of an AED. Bag color may vary.
  • 1 Physician's Prescription: FDA requires all AEDs have a physician's prescription.
  • 1 Year LifeShield AED Compliance Management: Includes AED registration, medical direction and AED oversight. Learn more.
  • 1 AED Backpack: Conveniently holds your AED and other emergency supplies.