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HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450 AED

The HeartSine Gateway allows you to track weekly self-test, battery levels and expiration dates of your Heartsine Samaritan AED. Easily install by plugging the Gateway into your Samaritan AED and connecting via Wi-Fi.

The Curaplex Stop The Bleed® Kits are designed to provide its user with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging. These kits are all vacuum packed and tamper-proofed for easy storage and opening.

Add a first aid kit to complete your emergency preparedness program.

AED owners are legally responsible for their units—that’s why customers rely on us to help manage their AEDs. Our AED compliance program, LifeShield, includes a custom digital interface where you can track updates, inspections and training certifications with a few simple clicks. As low as $9 per AED per month!

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The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450 AED is the most portable AED on the market, weighing only 2.4 lbs and up to 56% smaller in size. The lightweight, compact, easy-to-use defibrillator was specifically designed with public access in mind. The Samaritan PAD 450P features Real-Time CPR Feedback combining both visual and verbal guides to ensure the rescuer performs continuous, high-quality CPR. This AED boasts one of the highest protection against dust and water damage with an IP rating of IP56. With the PadPak combination of both battery and electrode pad in one, replacement orders are simplfied and easy. 

Utilizing HeartSine’s SCOPE biphasic technology, the Samaritan PAD AED measures the victim’s impedance (body type) while analyzing the heart rhythm in order to customize a shock for the individual, escalating when necessary with a maximum joule output of 200. The AED possesses visual (diagramed pictures with flashing lights) and oral prompts, as well as a CPR metronome, all of which guide the rescuer through the lifesaving process in an easy and straightforward way.

The Samaritan PAD AED is always ready to save a life with its weekly self-checks that keep it in top form. The unit will notify the user if the battery/pad pak needs to be replaced and when everything is in order, the System Status Ready Indicator will flash to show that it is ready for use. Event information is always recorded and can be downloaded with the custom USB cable and viewed with the Saver EVO software. The Samaritan PAD 450P AED has a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty!

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P Package Includes:

•  HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P AED
•  Durable Carrying Case
•  HeartSine Adult PAD-PAK (Battery/Pad Combination w/ 4-year expiration date)
•  Quick Instruction Card
•  User Manual on DVD
•  HeartSine CPR Poster
•  HeartSine Saver EVO Software
•  8 Year Warranty from HeartSine
•  FREE AED Physician's Prescription
•  FREE Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
•  FREE AED Check Tags
•  FREE AED Window Decal
•  FREE Ground Shipping via FedEx

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU#SAM450P N
AED TypeAutomatic
AED.COM Part#450-STR-US-10
Shipping InformationThis item cannot be shipped to Canada.

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