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AEDs are designed to be fool-proof, if maintained properly. The device determines if a victim requires a shock to reset a heart in distress. Yet, simply having an AED is not enough. Training, communication and ongoing maintenance are imperative. Training Courses

En-Pro Design

This initial phase includes an
in-depth analysis of your facility, and where the AED(s) need to be placed. En-Pro will lead you through the process of selecting the optimal location and setting the program up for ongoing maintenance. Traingin Programs

En-Pro Implementation

Once you have completed the Design Phase, En-Pro works to get your AEDs placed and your program up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes the initial AED/CPR training for your personnel and the registration of your AEDs with
En-Pro’s management software, PlusTrac™. En-Pro Program

En-Pro Maintenance

The most important aspect of any AED program is an active system of controls and maintenance protocols that will continually monitor overall compliance and readiness.
En-Pro has the most comprehensive AED management solution in the AED industry, PlusTrac™.

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