Philips FR3 AED Accessory Replacement Kit

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Philips FR3 Adult SMART Pads III
Philips FR3 AED Infant/Child Key
Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Primary Battery
Philips FR3 AED Soft Carrying Case

An AED can only help to save a life it's in working order. AEDs should be inspected monthly to ensure it provides a "ready" signal and the batteries and pads are not expired.

Visually inspect your AED. Ensure there is no damage and that nothing is loose. AEDs are built to be tough and endurance emergency situations, but this is an important safeguard.

Check Pad Expiration. Pads are typically located in an easy to identify place either within the front door or rear compartment of an AED. The expiration date will be clearly marked on the exterior packaging of the pads.

Test Battery. AEDs will typically speak to you immediately upon pressing a button or opening the front casing. If this occurs, the battery is functioning properly. If not, locate your AED's battery and confirm its expiration date has not passed.

Condition New
Manufacturer Philips