Prestan AED UltraTrainer English/Spanish

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Instructors can customize their training classes with options to turn on or off the compression metronome and/or the “give breaths” voice prompt.


  • Dual Graphic (Adult/Child) Training Pads
  • Pad Sensing System with Preconnected Pads
  • Child Training Button and Child AED specific voice prompts
  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic shock simulation
  • CPR Coaching, “Give Breaths” voice prompt
  • Turn on or off compression metronome and "Give Breaths" prompts
  • Low Battery warning
  • 5 Training Scenarios available in two languages, English and Spanish
Condition New
Language English/Spanish
Manufacturer Prestan
Product Options Pack of 4: PP-AEDUT-401; Pack of 1: PP-AEDUT-101