Prestan 5-Manikin Family Pack with CPR Monitors

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This Prestan CPR manikin family pack includes two adult, one child and two infant manikins all with compression depth and rate feedback to help instruct on effective CPR. Compression rate effectiveness is signaled through the LED indicator on each manikin, while an audible clicking signals effective compression depth. 

Condition New
Manufacturer Prestan

Prestan CPR 5 manikin family pack includes:

  • 2 Adult Manikins with CPR Monitor
  • 1 Child Manikin with CPR Monitor
  • 2 Infant Manikins with CPR Monitor
  • 10 Face Shields for Each Manikin
  • Lung Bags
  • Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Nylon Carrying Case for all Manikins
  • Manufacturer Warranty