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ZOLL AED Pro (Recertified)

♥  ZOLL AED Pro is refurbished by our factory-trained biomed technicians to ZOLL Medical's guidelines

♥  Built extremely tough with a thermo plastic urethane overmold for heavy abuse

♥  Capable of displaying the patient's heart rate, ECG, shocks delivered, CPR compression depth & more on its high-resolution LCD screen

♥  Features ZOLL's See-Thru CPR® technology which filters out compression artifact

♥  3-Year Warranty from 

Add a first aid kit to complete your emergency preparedness program.

AED owners are legally responsible for their units—that’s why customers rely on us to help manage their AEDs. Our compliance program, LifeShield, includes a custom digital interface where you can track updates, inspections and training certifications with a few simple clicks. As low as $9 per AED per month!

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When buying a refurbished Zoll AED Pro, a life-saving device, you need to know that you are buying a quality product from a company that takes recertification seriously. Every used Zoll AED Pro that comes into our facility is taken through an 11-point inspection process by our factory-trained (Zoll Medical) biomed technicians.

Zoll AED Pro Description
Being an emergency professional is a rough job, requiring tough equipment to help you succeed. For the ultimate product in resuscitation the Zoll AED Pro is available to help you save a life. Built strong with one of the highest IP ratings in the industry of IP55, it can take the demands of harsh environments. 

The AED Pro is compatible with the Zoll CPR-d Pads for CPR feedback, as well as the standard two piece Stat-Padz II’s.  A standard battery or a rechargeable one is available for this unit. Check out all of the accessories that we have available to make your Zoll AED Pro completely outfitted just the way you want it. 

With a large LCD display, the BLS or ACLS responder can monitor a patient’s 3 lead ECG on the screen. When using the attached 3 lead cable, responders can utilize lead 2 monitoring . The Zoll AED Pro also offers many advanced features including Real CPR Feedback. This allows the rescuer to perform better CPR by the AED telling you to go faster or to push harder, a feature unique to Zoll AEDs. The Zoll AED pro is perfect for the professional rescuer with the ability to operate in manual mode which can use an override function to deliver therapy when appropriate by the user. 

Another unique feature for the Zoll AED pro is the See-Thru CPR ability. This allows the rescuer to perform continuous CPR and at the same time view the victims ECG rhythm without the artifact noise caused by CPR.  Efficient CPR without interruption and the use of the AED is the best chance of survival for a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. After an event the rescue data can easily be downloaded from the Zoll AED Pro and used to interpret the previous cardiac event. This is simple to accomplish using Zoll’s free RescueNet software. 

If you have any questions about this device please contact us directly at (855) 233-0266!

The Recertified ZOLL AED Pro Package Includes:

•  Recertified ZOLL AED Pro
•  Stat Padz II
•  Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery
•  Soft Carrying Case
•  Multi-Patient Internal Memory
• 3-Year Warranty from
•  FREE AED Physician's Prescription
•  FREE Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
•  FREE AED Check Tags
•  FREE AED Window Decal
•  FREE Ground Shipping via FedEx

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