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ZOLL Stat-Padz II

The Stat-Padz II, a two-piece electrode, is compatible with the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro.

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Some customers choose the Stat-Padz II over the CPR-d Padz, which are both compatible with the ZOLL AED Plus & ZOLL AED Pro.  One of the main reasons for choosing Stat-Padz II is that AED owner has been thoroughly trained in CPR and no longer needs the Real CPR Help assistance. The Stat-Padz II contain two electrodes that are to be placed on the victim's Apex and Sternum during a cardiac arrest event.

The Stat-Padz II can be unplugged from the ZOLL AED Plus and plugged directly into a ZOLL M, ZOLL E, or ZOLL R Series defibrillator when professional EMS arrive on the scene.  

Please note: ZOLL guarantees at least 18 months or better shelf-life on these defibrillation electrode pads.

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU#8900-0801-01
Alternate Part Numbers0970-0520

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