Three Victims Struck by Lightning Saved by CPR and Emergency Oxygen Administration

To most of us, the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in a million. However, the actual statistic as reported by National Geographic is that there is a 1 in 3000 chance of getting struck by lightning in your life.

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AED Donation from
BSAA, the only youth baseball and softball Park in the Bellevue community, lost their AED in the 2010 flood that drenched the city of Nashville causing billions of dollars in damage. BSAA knows the importance of having an AED but did not have the funds to purchase a new one after repairing the damaged facilities.

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AED Save: Man Saved Mid-Race in Heart Run


The month of February is always filled with plenty of fundraisers, races, and other events in honor of American Heart Month, but for one man racing to raise funds for the American Heart Association resulted in his own cardiac incident.

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The Tender Heartbeats team with the Sanders family.

One of our many donations in 2013, was the donation of a Philips HeartStart OnSite AED to Tender Heartbeats, an organization dedicated to placing AEDs in Utah schools. Tender Heartbeats selected Riverdale Elementary School to receive the donated AED. Read on, to hear more about why this school was selected.

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Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Arrest


We talk a lot about how sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any age, but what are the factors that can increase your risk? Read on to learn more.

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Mayor’s Death Inspires Push for AEDs

Mike Kwasman, former mayor of West Chicago who died of cardiac arrest.

Mike Kwasman, former mayor of West Chicago who died of cardiac arrest.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to inspire action. That seems to be the case in West Chicago where Mayor Mike Kwasman went into cardiac arrest at a local restaurant in April of 2012. CPR attempts were unsuccessful, and now the community is looking for ways to increase the number of AEDs around town.

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Technology Update: Automated CPR Device


We know that an AED greatly increases a cardiac arrest patient’s chance for survival over just CPR alone. That’s for a couple reasons. First, CPR can’t shock a heart back into rhythm, but secondly many lay rescuers may not perform CPR as thoroughly or as properly as needed. That’s why new automated CPR devices present an exciting opportunity for increased survival chances in sudden cardiac arrest patients.

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