True or False: “AEDs can cause more harm than good”

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More often, you may hear about why you should have an AED, facts and figures about them, and so on. It is less often that you hear misconceptions the public has about AEDs. Some people think they are dangerous, or that you must be medically-trained to use them. I have even heard the statement, “An AED can cause more harm than good” more than once; this is completely false.

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Can Occur In Kids

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Jill was a normal, active young girl whose life ended way too soon. She was ecstatic about being selected to be on her school’s cheerleading squad. One day at cheerleading practice, she collapsed and died instantly. The autopsy revealed that she had a heart abnormality that had never been detected. Needless to say, this was a tremendous shock to her family and friends (story by An AED equipped with pediatric pads could have potentially saved Jill’s life.

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Is there an AED on the Football Field?

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While some people think that athletes are elite human beings, they are at the same time just that—human beings. They can quickly suffer from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other heart related issues as others.

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Georgetown, TX, Fire Dept Held an ‘Easter in October AED Hunt’

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Are there creative and fun ways to spread awareness to your community on the location of available AEDs? In October, the Fire Department of Georgetown, Texas, demonstrated one way it could be done with their “Easter in October AED Hunt”.

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Kent State Students Put CPR Training In Action To Save A Life

Kent State Students Chris Cobham and Samantha Phillips, who worked together to save the life of a visiting high school student.

Kent State Students Chris Cobham and Samantha Phillips, who worked together to save a visiting high school student’s life.

Remember the CPR training you learned several years ago? It could be vitally important to save a life at any moment. For Chris Cobham and Samantha Phillips, students at Kent State University, that critical moment happened earlier this month.

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What Is Involved In Maintaining An AED?

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AEDs, while easy to use, require ongoing management and maintenance. The majority of malfunctions in AEDs are due to improper maintenance or battery failure. In addition to training volunteers, a well-designed AED Program includes testing and maintaining your device(s) – a critical and overlooked factor in deploying AEDs in organizations. Whether you have 1 AED, or are a large organization with multiple AEDs deployed, you should have a Medical Oversight and Management program in place. Taking this step ensures that your AED(s) are always maintained, in compliance, registered with local EMS, and are ready for use should they be called upon.

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Cardiac Arrest Could Happen Anywhere, Is An AED Available Near You?

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As the majority age of the population is on the rise, so are health related illnesses and major health events. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the average annual rates of first cardiovascular events rise from 3 per 1000 men at 35 to 44 years of age to 74 per 1000 men at 85 to 94 years of age. For women, comparable rates occur 10 years later in life, but the gap narrows with advancing age. About 66% of cardiovascular disease deaths occur in people age 75 and older.

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