Eight Questions You Need to Ask When Buying A Used Defibrillator

Should you buy a used defibrillator?

If you have purchased used AED in the past, you have probably learned a thing or two regarding who is legitimate and who may not be.

Here are some questions you should ask before you make your decision:

What is the warranty?
All of AED.com’s used equipment is sold with a 5 Year Warranty. Some competitors warranty equipment for as little as 30 days.  The warranty date and information should be listed on your estimate.

Does this unit come with a Loaner Program?
All customers that have purchased from AED.com equipment benefit from the support of our Loaner Program FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE DEVICE. It doesn’t matter if the unit is out of warranty and ten years old. Our loaner program still protects you in the event your equipment is in need of repair. Others may claim to have a loaner program, but do not have the inventory to support it. We have a dedicated lot of inventory specifically for our loaners.

Does your company carry sufficient liability insurance? May I see the policy?
The equipment you are buying may be used in a life-or-death situation. Shouldn’t the company selling the equipment carry liability insurance? Of course they should. However, it is a substantial expense that most companies either skimp on or neglect to pay entirely. We will provide you a copy of our active policy upon your request.

Are the units tested in-house by factory trained, licensed biomedical technicians?
Our factory-trained, certified technicians test each piece of equipment when it arrives and before it leaves. Very few suppliers go to the trouble of having their biomeds factory trained, and most outsource the responsibility entirely.

Do you have this unit in-stock? If so, may I have the serial number and a picture?
Why work with a middleman when you can go straight to the source. AED.com carries an extensive inventory, and as a distributor for all the major manufacturers,  we purchase in bulk so you get the best pricing by avoiding the mark-up of a broker.

What is your return policy?
Our return policy is 30 days, no questions asked. Many of our competitors have a five-day return policy, if they have one at all.

Are you a factory authorized dealer?
This is a big one. If the seller is not authorized by the manufacturer, where are they getting the accessories to complete the unit, and will they be able to draw support from the manufacturer if needed?

How long have you been in business?
You need to know that your partner in this transaction will stand the test of time. We have no problem with start-ups. After all, we were once a start-up ourselves. The hard truth is that some companies make it and some companies do not. We were established in 1999 and as we enter our 13th year in business, we look forward to serving our customers for decades to come.