How difficult is it to operate an AED?

Can anyone operate an AED?

Ever heard someone say that “AEDs can cause more harm than good”?

To the average person who has never worked with, or even heard of an AED, it may seem overwhelming to talk about using a medical device on another person. To an EMS worker, it is a common experience that needs no explanation. However, if survival rates for cardiac arrest are to improve, the public needs to be aware that their actions of using an AED can only help increase chances of survival.

You may be surprised to learn that an AED (automated external defibrillator) that you can purchase today, is very easy to use; anyone can operate it under any circumstance. Today’s AEDs are easily portable and used in emergency situations when a person goes into cardiac arrest. They are simple to use and self-operating. Similar to a GPS system, an AED is self-directing and will give you verbal step-by-step instructions; providing life-saving medical treatment to a loved one or a stranger that has only minutes before permanent damage or death occurs is what the AED was designed for.

As soon as an AED is turned on, the device begins providing clear instructions on how to begin, where to place the electrode pads on the person and it even reminds you to call 911!! Incredible as that sounds, anyone can save a life by just being in the right place at the right time to help. An AED will send a shock to the person’s heart if the AED analyzes a shockable rhythm. The device will ONLY shock if it is needed, so there is no worry of hurting the person by using an AED. has the perfect device for any individual, school, business, professional rescuer and more!