Is One Set of AED Electrodes Enough?

How many AED electrodes pads do you need?

Hopefully you will never have to use the AED in your facility, but if you do, be aware that the electrodes pads are a one-time use accessory and must be replaced immediately following a rescue. 

If another cardiac emergency strikes before replacement pads arrive, the AED unit will be useless without a spare set of pads.

Defibrillation pads are water-based gel pads that must stick on direct skin of the patient to accurately read the heart rhythm and deliver an electrical shock to the heart if determined to be necessary.

If a cardiac arrest victim has a very hairy chest, the hair must be removed before the pads will correctly stick to the chest. Rescue kits accompanying AEDs include a razor to shave chest hair, but when seconds count—a spare set of pads will do the trick much faster.

Chest Hair Removal Tip: Use one set of pads to rip the hair off quickly, then apply the 2nd set directly to the victim’s chest where hair was removed (You may think “ouch!” but they won’t feel it and can thank you later for saving their life).

Be prepared and plan ahead by purchasing a spare set of pads today!