Schools: 5 Reasons You Need a School AED Package

Schools: 5 Reasons You Need a School AED Package

A school AED package has proven to be so successful that many schools are now justifying the purchase even when not required to have them. School AED packages are a necessity for schools, daycares and children centers that would need to be prepared for a student, bystander or staff member in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and for many other reasons.

#1: Sudden cardiac arrest occurs on school campuses more than you think

According to the American College of Cardiology, “two in 50 high schools in the United States can expect a SCA event each year.” Teachers and staff are more at risk of experiencing SCA due to their age. AED school packages include an adult pad to be used on those more than 55 lbs. They are designed to help provide real-time CPR feedback prior to EMS arrival.

#2: Thousands of children die from sudden cardiac arrest each year.

Although students and younger children are not high-risk for SCA, it can and does happen. Avive states that, “on average, SCA tragically takes the lives of between 7,000-10,000 youth every year.” AED school packages come with pediatric defibrillation pads that differ from adult pads by not putting out as much energy as an adult pad. They should be used on children under 55 lbs.

#3: Having an AED in school saves lives

An AED is the only treatment for someone experiencing SCA. If one is not available onsite, you would need to wait for EMS arrive. The average response time from an ambulance is 8-12 minutes. Schools that have AEDs have shown a 70% survival rate. Schools can reach an 85% survival rate if they have a comprehensive school AED program in addition to the AED.


#4: Every Second Counts

According to the American College of Cardiology, “the most important factor for survival of those in SCA is the time from collapse to defibrillation. Survival decreases 10 percent every minute until shock is applied.”

#5: Some states require AEDs in schools

17 of 50 states require AEDs in schools and nine of the 17 provide funding to purchase the AEDs. If your state doesn’t require one and you are unsure of purchasing them, the statistics of a 70% survival rate outweigh the risk of not having a school AED package.

We offer a variety of school AED packages depending on your needs, but many come with pediatric pads, adult pad, case, response kit, battery, AED check tag, AED window decal and physician’s prescription. AEDs also have both voice and visual cues and are simple to use if someone nearby needs help. Students and teachers save 10 percent on AED School Packages with