What’s in a CPR Response Kit?

What’s in a CPR Response Kit?

What’s in a CPR Response Kit?

Take a peek inside a CPR response kit

If you have an AED, you need a CPR response kit. A CPR response kit should always be kept with your AED. And if you use it, replace it!

The Curaplex Response Kit includes tools to expedite the application of AED pads as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

What’s included in a CPR Response Kit:

  • (1) Pouch, response kit, red
  • (1) Pocket mask w/ O2 inlet
  • (1) Pair of large Triton nitrile exam gloves
  • (1) Gallant disposable prep razor
  • (1) Pair of 7.5-inch trauma shears
  • (1) Package of Sani-hands wipes

Now, let’s break it down!

Why the red pouch?

The easy-to-grab bright red pouch is lightweight and water-resistant. Keep all your critical CPR response items in one convenient, transportable pouch.

Why are pocket masks so important?

In our Covid times, pocket masks are more important than they’ve ever been. A CPR pocket mask is a protective device with a one-way valve that protects rescuers while they’re performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). An oxygen outlet and inlet make it easy to attach to an oxygen bag or supplemental oxygen. A CPR pocket mask with an O2 inlet helps ensure that infectious diseases, germs, blood, and other bodily fluids are not transferred from the rescuer to the patient or from the patient to the rescuer.

Why nitrile gloves?

These heavy-duty sterile, hypoallergenic gloves protect the rescuer from infectious diseases, germs, blood, and other bodily fluids. They also protect the victim from possible infection.

What’s up with the razor?

Let’s just say that some folks are a bit furrier than others! To ensure a firm seal between the pads and the (hairy) victim’s chest, use the disposable Gallant prep razor to clear the path!

Who needs trauma shears?

These shears are designed to cut through denim, seams, and thick materials so rescuers don’t lose a minute of time affixing an AED’s pads to the victim’s chest.

Why the Sani-hands wipes?

You could use them on your hands, but you’ll already have donned the nitrile gloves. So why the hand wipes? We’re so glad you asked! The wipes in your CPR response kit are for cleaning the victim’s chest so the AED’s pads adhere securely.

For information about AEDs, CPR training or to purchase a Curaplex CPR Response Kit for your organization, contact Cardio Partners at 866-349-4362 or email us at customerservice@cardiopartners.com. And a friendly reminder: If you have recently used your CPR response kit, now’s the time to replace it.

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