Your Child’s Safety Could Depend on This…

Assessing a school's safety

As many parents take their children back to school this time of year, please do not forget to assess the safety of your children’s schools.

In an establishment where they are going to spend 30+ hours of their week, schools should be leading the way for safety.

Certain basics like the fire extinguisher, safety exits, and first aid kits are the first to everyone’s mind, but aren’t you forgetting something? What about the AED? Did you know, according to the American Heart Association, 1 in 350 children have dangerous underlying heart conditions… Underlying heart conditions could potentially lead to cardiac arrest, which is just one reason to make sure AEDs are strategically and appropriately placed in schools.

In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), CPR will buy your child time, but an AED in necessary to restart the heart. During SCA, the heart quivers erratically. A defibrillator will analyze the abnormal heart rhythm and deliver an electrical shock to the heart at the optimal time. AEDs are intended for public safety and are made for anyone to be able to use them. Together, we can make our communities safer. #AEDsSaveLives

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AED Need to Know Facts:

  • You will NOT harm a person using an AED — the defibrillator will NOT shock unless necessary.
  • Anyone can operate an AED. These life-saving devices are NOT restricted to professionals.
  • All AEDs provide voice prompts to guide rescuers through the process.
  • AEDs are simple to use, but require maintenance to ensure rescue readiness.
  • If a person is unconscious and not breathing, USE the AED in combination with CPR for best chance of survival.

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