Does Your Sports Team Need An AED?

Does Your Sports Team Need An AED?

Is your athletic department equipped with on-the-go AEDs? 

More and more states are adopting laws mandating AEDs, AED training, bleeding control kits, and bleeding control training. Requiring AEDs in schools is a smart move and we applaud these new laws! 

Having an AED prominently mounted outside the school office is great. But you also need to know if your athletic facilities have and AED. Are your coaches equipped with an active package or athletic AED backpacks that travel with your team? Is there a publicly accessible AED in the gym? On the playing field? Traveling with you to away games? 

Why sports teams need dedicated AEDs

Young Athletes are More Likely to Experience Sudden Cardiac Death than Non-Athletes

In the United States, a young athlete dies suddenly every three days! Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death among young athletes and athletes are more than twice as likely to experience SCD than young non-athletes (Close the Gap). The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that two-thirds of the deaths caused by SCA in children occur during exercise or activity!

Every Second Counts

When moments matter, the location of these life-saving devices is critically important. The American College of Cardiology notes that “The most important contributing factor for survival of sudden cardiac arrest is the time from collapse to defibrillation. Survival decreases 10% every minute until a shock is applied.”

Emergency medical responders and other first responders often can’t get to a victim of SCA fast enough to begin CPR and defibrillation. School athletic facilities can be particularly challenging to navigate quickly due to their geographic location, size, and complexity.

The presence of AEDs improves SCA awareness

The presence of AEDs and the implementation of AED programs improve public awareness of cardiac arrest. “This occurs through the transfer of knowledge from students and staff to family and friends and by direct observation of parents and visitors who see and learn about AEDs when they visit the school” (Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association).

It’s Our Moral Duty

In “Saving Lives in Schools and Sports,” Dr. Vince Mosesso writes, “Although less frequent, many more years of life are lost when a child is stricken down from SCA than an adult. The total years of life lost among young people rivals the total in adults.”

Anyone Can Use an AED

Studies have shown that students without any prior CPR or AED training can accurately use an AED as directed. AEDs are effective and easy to use. By following an AED’s simple, clear audio or video prompts, even an untrained bystander can perform the crucial steps that can save a life. 

Cardio Partners and offer affordable AED packages to schools and athletic departments. These packages may include an AED, compliance management, a wall cabinet, AED pads, a rescue-ready kit, signage, and more. CPR, AED, and bleeding control training courses are also available. Call 866-349-4362 or email us at

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