Is It Time To Upgrade Your AED?

AED technology is constantly evolving

Is it Time To Upgrade Your AED?

How old is your AED and is it time to replace your AED?

AED technology is constantly evolving. Is it time to upgrade your AED? Not only are manufacturers adding more and more functionality to AEDs all the time, but if your AED is too old, state laws or local regulations may prevent manufacturers from supporting your aging device.

We’ll make it even easier for you to decide if it’s time to upgrade your AED with the Cardio Partners rule of thumb: if it’s more than 10 years old, it’s time to update your AED!

To find out how old you AED is, take a look at the back of your device. Most AEDs will have the date and year of manufacture stamped on the back of the casing. 

How easy was that!?

What happens when your AED is no longer supported by the manufacturer?

When an AED is no longer supported by its manufacturer, it means that it may not be rescue-ready when you need it. It also means that the pads, connections, and batteries probably won’t be produced. And you can forget about software updates for your device!

What popular AEDs are no longer supported by manufacturers?

If you own a Philips FR1 or FR2 or Physio-Control LifePak 500, it’s time to upgrade. These devices are no longer supported by Philips or Physio-Control. 

We should also note that Physio-Control’s LifePak CR+ and the LifePak Express are no longer being manufactured. This also means that after a few years, these AEDs will no longer be supported by Physio-Control, so you can start planning for your next AED now!

How has AED technology changed?

AED technology is changing all the time. And it’s changing for the better! AEDs are easier than ever to use — which makes them even more effective at saving lives.

Many new AEDs feature dual-language modes, great visual prompts, and wifi-compatibility. The LifePak 1000, for example, features a large LCD screen that displays critical information and CPR prompts. The screen is so big and clear that it’s even easy to see even in direct sunlight! The Defibtech Lifeline View AED also features dual-language capabilities and full-color video to assist rescuers as they perform CPR. And the tiny but mighty HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360 AED (it’s the smallest and lightest AED on the market) features wi-fi capability.

If your AED is more than 10 years old, it’s time to contact us

Our manufacturer-trained biomedical technicians can test your unit for functionality and make repairs as necessary. However, if your unit is no longer supported by its manufacturer, it’s time to purchase a new AED. You may even be eligible for our trade-in program! 

Visit or call Cardio Partners at 866-349-4362 to find the perfect new or recertified AED for your home, office, or organization. We also welcome your emails; you can reach us at